Club Policies & Procedures

One of the critical components of our game is the passion that people show for the team & Club that they support. Whilst this passion is usually harnessed and used to support our game, it sometimes can boil over to create negative situations. We must all work together in the attempt to eliminate this negative passion.

At the very core of our Club is the maintenance of equity of opportunity to play sport. This has a profound impact on the self-esteem of the players, the development of their skills, fitness and understanding of the game. To this end the following compulsory Club policies must be adopted by all members of the Club.

Details of these policies can be found by clicking the links below:

It is also acknowledged by the Pulteney Football Club that there are specific League and/or Association Policies that our members need to abide by. Each member should be aware of these policies and procedures and how they affect them.

These policies are intended to work in conjunction with any League and/or Association Policies, by our members, as applicable.

Grievance Procedure

At times, people may have issues that concern them and/or their child or another player or Club Official. The Pulteney Football Club requires that all issues are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties in a timely fashion.

All members have a responsibility to participate in reasonable actions to resolve issues. In the event of a grievance being raised by someone in regards to these areas or other area of concern, the procedures below detail the steps to expedite issue resolution.

It is recognised that there may be existing Complaint/Grievance Procedures outlined in alternate Club policies. These are to be adhered to first and foremost. Where no other specified procedure exists, then the following procedure must be implemented.